Wistman’s Woods - British Sheepskin

Wild raised fleece on thick all-weather hide. This example has fur as cool as moss on the back of your hand. Soft, dense and and on the pliable hide. Beautiful, EXTREMELY long fur, with a different colour tone beneath the long hair in places. The misty dorsal marking subtly cuts through the blonde, fading into caramel & chocolate at the edges.

Do yourself a favour and put it on your bed.

British fleece offering a superb household (or camping) luxury. British sheep raised on Dartmoor may never see a fence in their entire lives. What they do experience is the weather – flocks will be seen tucked behind the granite tors, intimate with the topography and biologically evolved to thrive in this exposed climate – science shows the functionality of a sheeps fleece – and it is this advantageous handling of moisture that makes sheepskin so comfortable in use.



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Wistman’s Woods is easily the most famous example of English Rain Forest. What characterises an English rain forest?

Firstly, it’s defined by teeming life. Life upon life upon life. A natural free for all provided for by abundant water higher up the canopy – not that the canopy gets to be very high up in an English rain forest (sometimes called a Celtic rainforest). This type of woodland is typicified by stunted oaks, far smaller than you may be used to seeing, festooned with garlands of vine and moss.

With so many species of flora competing we can see at Wistman’s woods that mosses hang down and even little saplings take root half way up an oak trunk. As one life pales, countless others are just getting started inside, outside and on top of everything that came before. 

With great fame came great irresponsibility, however, and Wistman’s Woods is now closed to recover. We have published a short list of five alternatives that you may visit whilst giving Wistman’s woods a break. There are dozens of patches of rainforest in the Westcountry, we urge you to check the map (by clicking the link above) and checking out your nearest rainforest. Always take everything you brought with you home – left over picnic can always be wrapped up in your sheepskin and bundled in a rucksack safely. Dartmoor Sheepskins can be washed and dried in a standard machine.

Wistman’s wood - Temperate Rainforest Celtic Rainforest


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