White Lady Falls – British Sheepskin


Gorgeous patterning in an almost livid colour – tumbling down from desaturated grey/coffee foam to cream then white. A  sheepskin that is stylish with length to lie on. Fur to dig your hand into.

The practical difference with a Dartmoor Sheepskin is the durable chrome tan, which will tolerate a normal household washing machine read more. The main reason they are so popular, however, is that they feel so good to touch.


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White Lady Waterfall – the deepest gorge

The River Lyd has formed the deepest gorge of any river in the South West, and where it joins the River Burn it erodes the land dramatically. The result is the Whitelady Falls, a narrow fall in a an old mossy environment reminiscent of a temperate rainforest.

The 100 metre waterfall is a popular walking destination, click through to Google maps (below) to check for peak times.


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Dimensions 101 × 59 × 5 cm


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