Turmeric Dye Powder (Bright Yellow)

You can use our Natural Turmeric Dye (Curcuma longa) for bright yellows. Vivid cheerful and strong, ideal for beginners.




Natural Turmeric Dye

You can use our Natural Turmeric Dye (Curcuma longa) for strong yellows. Ideal for beginners due to its quick effect and bright results. It’s safe to use and of culinary grade, turmeric dye is ideal for having fun with kids.

We ship in biodegradable packaging free within the UK.

We supply our dyes as a fine powder. They are perfect for bespoke professional projects as well as having colourful fun at home. How you treat your fabric will have a fundamental effect on the results you produce, read more…

Find out how our turmeric dye might help with seal conservation on Farne Island.

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