Tavistock - British Sheepskin

Gorgeous sink your toes in chocolate brown, grading from dark to mid browns as you look down the skin.

Dense fur that is highly hydrophobic and the ability to roll up tight, combined with plenty of width to stand upon will make this the perfect partner on a wild moorland swim.

Tavistock Livestock Market has a long history of high quality sheep. Represent the town with this fantastic example of a Dartmoor sheepskin.


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Tavistock is a town (Stoc) on the River Tavy, and one of three original Stannery towns around Dartmoor. “Stannery” literally contains the word “tannery”, but it’s from the huge metal ore deposits on Dartmoor and in Cornwall, rather than the thriving wool trades in these towns, that the name derives. 

A Stannary town was used to manage the collection of tin coinage, which was the duty payable on the metal tin smelted from the ore cassiterite mined in Devon and Cornwall. In Cornwall the duty was passed to the Duchy of Cornwall; in Devon to the Crown.

Context is key, and Tavistock sheepskin will excel at the water’s edge, perhaps on the banks of the river Tavy, where its ability to shake off the British weather will help raise your post wild-swim recovery to the next level. Don’t go for a made-made fibre in this context (man made fibres can’t get close to sheepskin) – dry yourself whilst stood on this sheepskin and sit down on it to get the towel properly between your toes.


Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 91 × 65 × 5 cm


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