Sticklepath – British Sheepskin


A beautiful, uniform Dartmoor skin, with deep, soft wool in all the shades of a decent Cappuccino. In the sunlight, it appears much lighter than under bulbs.

An interesting feature is wool is much softer in the middle, and of a more wiry nature at the tips of the skin.

Sitting at 5 cm high from the ground and creating a top-heavy impression, Sticklepath is soft and quirky and usably large.

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Sticklepath Methodist Chapel

For cute quirky-ness, Sticklepath Methodist church punches above it weight. It is a little run down, but we can all get a bit like that at times. We love the bell tower with its steep roof and ornamentation. And simply for the fact that the bell is exposed to the elements.


Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 97 × 63 × 5 cm


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