Seaton - Cross breed Sheepskin

Seaton is a large find with a height from the floor of over 7cm. It’s long too at 101 cm across a 57 cm width. Big, bright and fresh looking.

Seaton is almost white across a large proportion. Where there is colour, it is very light in tone, a hint of lemon, cream and cappuccino.  Wispy tips set this one apart, rich softness invites close inspection. It’s a joy on the back of your hand, and no doubt the face too.


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The Seaton Down Hoard

In 2013 local metal detectorist, Laurence Egerton, uncovered the best preserved hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain. The Seaton Down Hoard is about 22,000 coins – by far the largest coin hoard ever found in Devon. You can see what Laurence found on display at RAMM in Exeter.

Do you know what you should do if you make a significant find? You have to report it to your local coroner within two weeks of realising it is “treasure”, or you might land in prison, or carcer privatus as the Romans would have said. 

Seaton itself sports a shingle beach, lending itself to sheepskin use. A sheepskin provides a nice place from which to unpick your toes prior to dressing. When it gets grubby you can bung it in the washing machine


Dimensions 103 × 58 × 6 cm


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