Poundsgate – British Sheepskin


Deep, rich and very substantial. Wild raised British fleece on very soft hide. This example has longer course hair of the lay-your-head-on variety.

Poundsgate has very long fur, but sits at 6cm high from the ground owing to the growth pattern. As such it is larger in area than its footprint suggests, and a good deal less likely to trip anyone over.

A key practical difference with a Dartmoor Sheepskin is the durable chrome tan, which will tolerate a normal household washing machine and tumble dryer on wool setting, read more. The main reason they are so popular, however, is that they feel so good to touch.

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Poundsgate, where the Devil took the soul of a sleeping gambler – and punished the whole church.

Poundsgate village is named after the animal pound used to corral strays or to keep cows, pigs and sheep for market – there was a thriving weekly market in the local prison.

This said, Poundsgate is perhaps most noteworthy for being the site of the Devil’s visit to a local card player, Jan Reynolds. During the Sunday service on 21 October 1638, Jan fell asleep in church – thus breaking her deal with the Devil. The Devil then unleashed the Great Thunderstorm upon the local congregation – killing six people and destroying the church. Jan ‘s gambling was causing real problems.

It is thought by some people to be perhaps the first recorded instance of ball lightening, and written accounts detail a “great ball of fire” which came in though the window and destroyed the roof on the way out.

The devil headed for Widecombe via the Tavistock Inn, in Poundsgate, where he stopped for directions and refreshment. The landlady reported a visit by a man in black with cloven feet riding a jet black horse. The stranger ordered ale, and it hissed as it went down his throat.


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