Okehampton Castle – British Sheepskin


Okehampton Castle rare breed cross sheepskin, wooly & very deep, full of chocolate tones with a silver splash at the base.

A REALLY dense fleece providing a substantial cushion. This sheepskin won’t be the easiest to care for with a fur length of over 6 cm and such a density of fur it’ll need a long low-temp tumble dry, you really do have to see this one to believe the thickness! Like a bear in your place. (Read more about cleaning in a standard washing machine)

An attractively patterned sheepskin rug which will be a treat to sit on in front of a fire. It is almost certainly too dense for your basic British weather, so I don’t recommend this one for outdoor use – unless you can use it in the back of a camper as a luxury addition to your bolt-hole. Go the whole hog and use it in your own Great Hall.

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Okehampton Castle – fortification against Norman rule

Okehampton Castle took twenty years to develop, a motte and Bailey defence against the Norman rule – a Devon rebellion hatched and hardened, and with a nearly three hundred year record of defending Ocmundtune, the local town, and two key fords across the West Okement River, gateway from Devon into Cornwall.

It became a posh hunting lodge for a time, until the owners got heavily into the War of the Roses. Okehampton Castle was seized again and again. In the early 16th century Okehampton Castle was in a very good state of repair as a working fortification, until King Henry VIII wanted the owner’s head separated from the owners body.

Nowadays, Okehampton Castle is managed by English Heritage and welcomes guide dogs and sports accessible toilets and a nice cafe. Visitors can book tickets in advance, but are advised that parking is at a premium between 11am and 1pm. How times have changed.

Okehampton Castle is spread between three levels – this image shows the highest level, which involves a significant climb (made worse by any armour and weapons you have to carry). The middle level, site of the Great Hall, is largest and contains the most buildings.

The Great Hall is middle of three buildings on the left as you look downhill


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