Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrh) 50g


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Myrrh – Sweet and resinous yet dry like a pine forest

This resin has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense, and medicine. It mixed with wine can also be ingested – Wikipedia

This precious gum is sustainably produced and hand picked for exceptional quality. Not only was this one of the three gifts given to the baby Jesus but it has been used since records began treat wounds, ulcers, coughs and colds.

Natural resins and gums have been burned in ceremony for thousands of years. Used to clean the energies and refresh the spirit. We love the smell and find it gives an amazing sense of peace and clear-headedness. It gives gravitas and clarity to the moment.

We use charcoal discs to burn our resins but any heat proof incense bowl will work equally well. We ship in biodegradable packaging free within the UK.




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