Lydford - British Sheepskin

Lydford is a large (over 100 cm long) sheepskin with easy-to-manage 6 cm deep fur. Lydford is cut to a cloud-like shape and is gentle and easy going – it will forgive the occasional spill and come up smelling of roses (or whatever washing powder you use in your machine at home). Easy drying, easy care.


Size of hide: 100.5x56x7 cm


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Lydford coins paid to Vikings

Lydford was hugely significant in this region, used as an administrative centre for the Royal Forest (the centre of Dartmoor). 

Lydford protected Exeter and even the South Hams from the Cornish, but coins minted here have been found in Scandinavia. Did they pay the Vikings not to invade? They were managing the Stanneries, the tin mines of Dartmoor. But it is the mint’s silver coins that turn up is volume in Scandinavia, rather than its tin coins.

We know who they were, they were effectively a Royal Mint during the reign of King Ethelred II, of which there were many, but we don’t know exactly where they worked.

Study of the mint (PDF) is carried out (so far) solely through the coins, and its exact location is still to be discovered. Luckily for us, the mint was very active and made more than a million coins during its operation. Many of these coins are held in Sweden, where much of this money ended up (read more).


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Dimensions 100.5 × 57 × 6 cm


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