Indian Perfume | White Sage Oil


Evocative perfume oils made with the finest natural scents. Cold-pressed flowers and herbs, steam extracted woods and resins. Use alone or blend on-wrist. Supplied in handy roll-on applicator bottles.


Subtle white sage oil, cedar with just a hint of musk. Summer meadow, gentle mint (to which sage is related). Clean, fresh and crisp.

This is a beautiful Indian perfume oil, ethically sourced and supplied in handy roll-on bottles. They can all be used alone, or blended on-wrist.

Our cold-pressed flower oils and steam-extracted wood scents are evocative and elegant.  Why not create your own unique fragrance with our full range?


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Agarwood, Lavender, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Rose, White Sage, Jasmine


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