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Thoughtful Frankincense exists outside of time

Frankincense creates a space embude with calm. When burning this ancient resin you’ll find your thoughts unhurried. It’s as if Frankincense exists outside of time. A meditation in its own right, and a modern miracle in space clearing.

The English word frankincense is derived from the Old French expression franc encens meaning high-quality incense. The word franc in Old French meant noble or pure – Wikipedia

Frankincense smoke brings the mind to a peaceful rest leaving you free to think spaciously and creatively. With the calm comes an expanse of consciousness often hidden under layers of unhelpful thoughts.

This wonderful incense is used in many Christian churches and was one of the three gifts given to baby Jesus along with Gold and Myrrh. We use it in our home to produce an almost citrus scent and and a beautiful clean clear feeling.

This precious resin is sustainably produced and hand picked for exceptional quality.

Natural plant materials have been burned in ceremony for thousands of years. It is said that they clean the energies and refresh the spirit. They smell amazing and give a sense of peace and clear-headedness. Nothing gives gravitas to the moment like ancient Frankincense – you may also want to add Myrrh to your blend just pay a single postage fee.

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