Frankincense Powder (Boswellia) 50g - Tree resin



“Frankincense to offer have I: incense owns a deity nigh”

Romans used frankincense at burial sites across Britain. In 2014 evidence was analysed in Dorset, Wiltshire, London and York, dating from the third to the fourth century AD. Four burial sites (out of fourth) showed traces of frankincense originating from southern Arabia or eastern Africa – and in ten others evidence of resins was found – imported from the Mediterranean region and Northern Europe. Not everyone was given a such a special send off.

Frankincense powder is very fine and ideal for making your own frankincense water. Bottled water makes for a very simple way to start. Simply add one teaspoon of frankincense powder to a new 500ml belle os water and leave overnight. You can shake the bottle now and then, and take what you need leaving the rest of the bottle in the fridge. Your frankincense water will stay fresh for a month. Various claims are made for frankincense water, with some claims appearing somewhat taller than others. 

We recommended a frankincense mouthwash, soap ingredient, and of course the burning of frankincense alone or within blends is relaxing and can be hugely enjoyable. We ship in biodegradable packaging free within the UK.


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