Cranmere Pool - British Sheepskin

Wild raised British fleece on thick all-weather hide. Our benchmark sheepskin rug (and our most popular sheepskin in America). This is a plunge-your-hand-in sheepskin that is deep, rich and substantial. We ship globally twice a week from our base in Devon.

A key practical difference with a Dartmoor Sheepskin is the durable chrome tan, which will tolerate a normal household washing machine and tumble dryer on wool setting, read more. The main reason they are so popular, however, is that they feel so good to touch.


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Cranmere Pool is the site of the first Letterbox, which Wikipedia confirms is an “Outdoor Hobby”. People go outdoors, in the more extreme sorts of places, like Dartmoor, and originally the very middle of Cranmere Pool. 

First a bit about the pool – even back in the early 1900’s it was considered dry for a hundred years already, so we are not expecting water all the time. The fact is it does fill during wet periods, and being Dartmoor there are wet periods much of the time. The pool is at the centre of a peat bog, so you’ll need good boots.

So pick your timing on this letterbox – it was the first recorded instance of this cute sport – dig in to Wiki if this is the first you’ve heard of it.

James Perrott left a bottle for visiting cards at the centre of Cranmere Pool. He built a small stone cairn upon which visitors could find his bottle tucked safely inside, and they could leave their mark too.

To say the sport took off would be an over-statement, but it is carried on to this day with enthusiasm by some. Most enjoy it with at least a casual interest, it is cute, and when you find them, it’s always in a nice place.


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