Copal (Dacryoides Peruvian) 30g - Real Incense tree resin


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CopalĀ (Dacryoides Peruvian)

Fresh, evocative and cleansing.

This precious resin is sustainably produced and hand picked for exceptional quality. It smells incredible, fresh, clean and invigorating.

If you’ve not used these sacred resins before be prepared for an entirely different effect than incense sticks. Since we first started burning resins in our home we have never gone back to incense sticks.

Copal is burned in ceremony today as it has been for thousands of years. It is used clean the energies, refresh the spirit and to guide the spirits. Copal is used extensively in Mexico on November 2nd, the day of the dead. It smells beautiful and give a sense of peace and clear-headedness. Copal gives gravitas and clarity to the moment.

Although we use Copal today for daily burning to refresh our home it was used in sacred and ancient rituals by the Maya peoples. It has had a diverse history of use from jewellery to furniture polish. Copal’s beautiful aroma is woody and slightly pine like. It is said to clear away negative energy and make way for positive change.



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