Clapper Bridge - Rare Breed British Sheepskin

Very thick fur on a creamy white sheepskin with a tough thick hide. A relatively dense sheepskin rug with soft woolly clumping, almost silkie in places.


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What if I told you that building a bridge could get you into heaven?

Dartmoor is heavenly in places (hell in others), but what if I told you that building a bridge here could guarantee your immortal soul goes to heaven when you die?

That’s exactly what folks were told by the church in days gone by, and it’s an approach that saw everyone benefit. 

The theory goes like this: you have some money, you may have some sins that worry you, the church can offset the sins against the good that you will do each time someone walks over your bridge.

Each day you get to offset more and more bad stuff – it’s a self-feeding beast. Whack a bridge up (although laid differently, most clapper bridges would be called megalithic monuments, ahem Merrivale, looking at you), and accumulate points. 

The grander and more useful the bridge, the stronger its power. And if you had made a LOT of money, in a guilt laden way, then you might expect a visit from the church.


Dimensions 98 × 58 × 5 cm


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