Sheepskin – Grade B


British sheepskin seconds, cheap sheepskin from the UK. Luxury sheepskins with some hard-to-spot imperfection. Made on Dartmoor with free UK shipping.


Luxury items with some hard-to-spot imperfection.

These hand selected seconds offer exceptional value. Choose this If you want the same luxury as our full price sheepskin and don’t mind some small imperfection. They are an excellent choice when working to a budget.

We handpick seconds that aren’t as symmetrical as the large stores would wish, or maybe the fleece is too long? Sometimes the hide is good except for a tiny hole visible only from the back. Whatever it is, your guests won’t notice and there’s a good chance that you won’t either.

You’ll receive your fluffy parcel of love within 28 days, (we promise, even if it means sending you one of our full priced sheepskins). In most cases you will receive your sheepskin much quicker than this. Discount codes or coupons can not be redeemed against Grade B sheepskin.




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