Candied Orange Peel

Candied orange peel with gentle spice to warm the cockles of your heart! Soft and less sugary than you might be used to, without even a hint of bitterness. Gentle, with a very long lasting orange oil flavour and mouth feel.

Soft, mild peel that is not in the least sugary or bitter. Unique and worth a try.

Bring a little Dartmoor to someone’s day with these grown-up sweets.


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Real fruit, real flavour. Just orange fruit peel candied and spiced. Fruit with added sugar.

Our specialist Martin has a background in dried, pickled and smoked foods and started making historically inspired foods just over a decade ago. From his base in South Wales he preserves fresh hand selected foods using just the most simple ingredients. 

These Fruit Leathers contain: Orange peel, sugar and spice.


Weight .020 kg


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