Buckfast Abbey – British Sheepskin


A beautiful clean grey sheepskin with thick hair that longs to be scrunched. It’s easy going, despite its longish fur, and any location will work. If you do use this on the floor be sure to reserve it for a low traffic area or it’ll catch the dirt.

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Buckfast Abbey – just the tonic

Although Buckfast first became home to an abbey in 1018, the current Buckfast Abbey was completed more recently than you might expect, with the building consecrated as recently as 1932. It’s a self supporting abbey though, farming vegetables and bees, and running a shop on site. Buckfast Bees are bred here and all over Europe, and the pedigree is still recorded at the Abbey.

Other than the tonic wine, which we shall discuss later, the bells are the most famous feature of the place. The tower contains fifteen bells. There is a ring of twelve bells with a massive tenor  & two extra semi tone bells surrounding the 7.5 ton bourdon bell called Hosanna. (The best name for a bell ever I think you will agree!) They are in the running as one of the finest sets of change ringing bells in the world. So good competitions are held here.

Finally, the infamous booze. Buckfast Tonic Wine is steeped in medicinal herbs and is said to fulfil a restorative function upon the imbiber. The wine is by far Buckfast Abbey’s best selling product. Police Scotland  however have attached anti-crime labels to the bottles in some areas of Scotland! Not ideal.


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