Cottage Cream Sheepskin


The utmost quality Dartmoor sheepskin tanned the traditional way on Dartmoor to give a lifetime of luxury. Hard wearing, the benchmark of quality.


Plunge your hands into the timeless quality of a cottage cream Dartmoor sheepskin. Softness and care of the plunge-your-hand-in variety. Luscious hard wearing fleece on a thick durable hide. Fully machine washable at 30°C. Great to come home to, wherever you are.

Dartmoor sheep live outside and free from fences and barbed wire. When they are slaughtered for meat (we only ever use by-product), a tiny fraction go through the tanning process. We are proud to offer these sheepskins as durable luxury to grace any home from yurt to gand design to camper van. 

Millions of sheepskins are destroyed each year, just 60,000 go through the tanning process, find out more here.

Dartmoor Sheepskins are whole, not made from pieces stitched together. Our hides are thick, durable and machine washable using these simple instructions.

Each sheepskin is uniquely beautiful and will vary from the images shown. Shipping is free within the UK, contact us for delivery elsewhere.

The tanning process starts with your order and we aim to deliver within 7 days. However, in very rare cases, delivery can take up to 21 days.

Whether you need a special bed for a new arrival, a hard-wearing seat cover for the journey ahead, or twenty luxury sheepskin rugs for the ultimate yurt upgrade, we can supply what you need.

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