Arctic Reindeer Hide - 120x100x4

Surprisingly supple for a hide of this thickness with thick, richly patterned fur. Part of the annual sustainable reindeer harvest of the Sami tribe. Farmed nomadically within the Arctic Circle.


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Surprisingly supple for a hide of this thickness with thick, richly patterned fur, again soft. The images are of this actual hide and there is only one available. This is a very animal-like and reminiscent of the animal it came from. Although this hide is from an animal that has been nomadically farmed and harvested primarily for meat, it won’t suit folks who are uncomfortable with an animal product. This is a medium skin at 120 cm by 100 cm – but is actually 114 cm at its widest point – plenty large enough as a throw for a king size double bed. Soft enough for this purpose too. The Sami tribe farm these reindeer within the Arctic Circle (Northern Sweden, Norway and Finland), where they harvest a sustainable portion for meat and fur each year. The tribe are nomadic, like the herd itself. Selling the meat and fur is essential for their survival. Furs were commonly used in burials in southern Finland until the 14th and 15th century, and in northern Finland as late as the 17th century. Finnish forest reindeer and elk skin were most commonly used in burials. Clothes & frequently used objects were also made from fur; a knife sheath could be covered or lined with fur.  

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Dimensions 120 × 100 × 4 cm


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