Acacia Catechu Dye (Brown) 20g


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Natural Acacia Dye

Use our Natural Acacia Dye (Acacia Catechu) for easy browns with good colour fastness and UV tolerance.

Acacia has had many other uses going back for generation. As well as being processed and turned in to the fine dye that we are so proud of it was also used by Indigenous Australians. They harvested the seeds of some species and ground them into a type of flour. The seeds store very well as they have very hard shells. They are also very high in protein containing as much as 25% more than other common cereals. The timber was also used for a variety of purposes including fuel and even making musical instruments.

It’s uses go back as far as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians made an ointment from the leaves of the plants that they used to treat hemorrhoids! Although I strongly recommend that our product is used only for the enhancing of clothing rather than more, ahem, personal uses.

All our dyes are supplied as a fine powder and are perfect for bespoke professional projects as well as having fun at home.

All our dyes can be used to produce a range of colours. Results depend on the auxiliary treatments used, the method of dyeing, and indeed the fabric itself – wool will perform differently to silk, for example.


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