25 Woad Seeds – Grow your own woad for dyeing


25 Woad Seeds (Isatis Tinctoria) ideal for growing your own dye in the UK

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Grow Woad

Grow woad! – Grow your own woad with these Isatis Tinctoria seeds (Dyers Woad). learn how to raise woad plants in the UK and extract the dye contained in their lower leaves.

These are British raised seeds, ideal for a northern climate. They come complete with easy instructions to grow your own woad for dyeing, instructions on how to harvest and extract and use the colour.

Did you know woad and indigo are someĀ of the oldest natural dyes. Indigo is a legume and so fixes nitrogen from the air into the soil. It can transform barren land and create a balance of minerals enabling a more diverse range of plants to grow. It has a long and venerable history of human use as a dyestuff and medicine.

If you want to get dyeing with woad right away take a look at our ready to use powdered Woad Dye



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