The future of wool?

I keep getting pulled by nature to look at the qualities of wool, and it’s uses. Sounds strange, but someone’s gotta do it. And here I am. Loving it. Woollen packaging exemplifies the thermal properties of sheep fleece – temperature regulating, flexible, completely, totally biodegradable (and with a carbon footprint equal to its own demise, … Read more

How to use sheepskin

Wherever you place a sheepskin it will be owned by your pet. Once you accept this truth you are ready to grow as a person, and to build a truly awesome collection of sheepskins. Use the attractive qualities of sheepskin to your advantage, by placing it where you would like your pet to be. Enjoy … Read more

5 quirky Dartmoor churches

There’s some very special chapels and churches on Dartmoor. Here are five within easy reach – all unusual for some reason, and worth a viewing.  Poundsgate Methodist Chapel From Poundsgate Methodist chapel with its plain wooden pews. A place of contemplation on the edge of just-about-tamed moorland. It’s a humble building, and makes one imagine … Read more

Glyphosate and Sheepskins – General Information

More commonly known by its trademark Roundup It is used not only to kill weeds in crops, but also as a desiccant prior to harvesting. The little silica packet that keeps your camera dry is a desiccant – it dries water from the crop and makes harvesting easier. Glyphosate is sprayed onto plants about four … Read more

Five Beautiful Reminders of The Westcountry That You Can Buy Online

The nicest thing about the Westcountry is Dartmoor, obviously.  I once overheard a couple of older ladies chatting together on the local community bus, as you do. One said… “I’ve just been to Dartmoor, it was lovely” She paused for a beat before adding “still, you don’t like Dartmoor, do you”.  It wasn’t a question … Read more