SALE NOW ON – CBD Oil From Cannabis grown in the UK

UPDATE: We no longer stock CBD products here at Dartmoor Sheepskins, sorry for any inconvenience. CBD is available in several high street stores, including Holland and Barrett and numerous independent retailers. Many (most) financial service companies will no longer process payments for CBD products. THC is illegal in the UK, but many other chemical compounds […]

Love hurts (but it shouldn’t also make you bleed).

Rex is a loving chap, but very very sharp. He likes to climb onto Zarah’s lap slowly, using his sharp claws as grappling hooks. If he does this after walking through ink, he will leave a tattoo. Rex’s love hurts. A cuddle from Rex can leave a purrmanant mark. Rex likes to knead his owner, […]

Competition time – Win a Dartmoor sheepskin! #WinADartmoorSheepskin

You could win a Dartmoor sheepskin by following us on Facebook and sharing our free competition! #WinADartmoorSheepskin. How to enter: Like our Page. Share our Post (use the hashtag #WinADartmoorSheepskin) Leave a Comment. To enter you need to do three things: Like our page, Share our competition post using the hashtag #WinADartmoorSheepskin and leave a […]

Do sheep die to make sheepskins?

sheepskin laid on log

Sheepskin is a sheep’s skin, and it comes from an animal that has been slaughtered. Most Sheepskins (including ours) come from sheep that have died for meat. *Very* few Sheepskins are tanned. 60k out of well over 5 million sheep. This is sad. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation a lorry load of plastic fabrics […]

How To Make Your Own Blue Gin

If you are wondering how to make blue gin you’re in the right place! You can turn your favorite gin blue with the addition of edible flowers, we recommend violets and clitoria flowers (available here). Dried flowers come with the advantage of being storable although fresh flowers can look stunning in the glass. If using […]

Come home to a sheepskin, wherever you are.

Hard wearing and fully machine washable. Sheepskins are great to come home to wherever you are. British summer often to throws a wobbly and that’s why it’s good to know sheepskins are easy to clean. Long-haired types will pick up twigs and other woodland detritus, so save them for bedtime. Keep newer sheepskins on a […]

Can sheepskins keep babies cool in the heat?

It seems counterintuitive, but many people claim that sheepskin can keep babies cool in the heat. It’s a claim that’s sort of true. Nothing will keep you cool like being well hydrated with appropriate shade, but for everything else there’s sheepskin. Can sheepskin lower a baby’s temperature? Of course not. But unlike any man made […]