Take it as RED

Why are Brixham trawler sails red? People often wonder why the Brixham trawlers had red sails? Few of these boats are still water tight – and very few, if any, skippers will still be using the old methods of sail maintenance. But why where the sails painted red, is the red colour a preservative of … Read more

When the military need sheepskin, they use sheepskin

WW2 flying jacket

For most of our customers, I suspect most people, standard luxury is probably better than much of the stuff at the “high end”, and definitely better than no luxury at all! I say this because as you go up in price flavours can become more of an acquired taste. Specific and developed in one particular area, … Read more

What Happens If You Wash A Sheepskin At 60 Degrees Celsius?

close up of lightly felted sheepskin after 60 degree wash

Can you wash a sheepskin at 60 degrees Celsius? (140 Fahrenheit) Can you wash a sheepskin at 60 degrees?. Will a sheepskin survive a very hot wash? A customer emailed in to see if sheepskins can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. Her local dust mites had proven to be awful house guests and had … Read more

How Darren Roughed-Up His “Too Perfect” Home Design.

As the weeks wore on the beautiful clean lines, the thin steel banisters and hyper-polished concrete floor (even the kitchen worktops are made of concrete – poured into a mould in the basement and ground and polished on-site), seemed cold and left nowhere for the eye to rest. The underfloor heating elements work very well but the place lacked real warmth.

How to die on Dartmoor

How to (not) die on Dartmoor – Meet Kevin Kevin holds the view that the best way to explore Dartmoor is to put away the GPS and follow sheep paths and instinct. He explains why, between peat bogs and feather beds, it’s a bad idea. Kevin grew up on Dartmoor and walks without plan between … Read more