Why you can’t log into your account (a blog about how we don’t keep your data)

Some cosmic connection occurred and a couple of customers wanted a password reset at the same time. Probably not the exact same time, I’m not suggesting any kind of synchronisation, just that two people with a similar email in the same week to me feels like a trend. I am not frightened by the storm, I am the storm. Or at least parts of me are, some of the time, quite stormy.

I digress. These two people wanted a password to reset their accounts, the only trouble is our website doesn’t allow you to make an account. It used to. But it doesn’t now because i told it not to. It’s better not to.

It’s better, but quite some measure, not to collect data, not to store it and not to share it anyone at all. This means that our website cannot be used to track you across other websites. It means if we are hacked, you are safe. Like totally private still. The reason for this is we literally don’t take your credit card details at all, you only ever put them into Elevon or Paypal, via their encrypted connection.

Those two payment providers, Paypal and Elevon (sometimes called Sage Pay but they changed their name about as successfully as the UK ditched the Imperial measurement system), can save your credit card details, you may have to ask them to do this, but they can and will. If you want to rest the password to your saved cards you must head to the payment gateway and find the reset button there.

But be assured, the best thing you can do is order each time and type your details anew. This keeps your data as private as possible. We do take your name and address, and you can choose to leave a phone number, and we use these details to process your order. We have to keep these details for some time to remain legal, most companies keep these details for three years or even more. We keep them for exactly 12 months from the minute the order is completed. At that point the names, addresses and basket contents are stripped from our database and shredded.

We keep the data for a year so we can always complete a years accounting. Other than than we would shred after each order was received! So, i hope in some small way you can feel safer ordering from us, because this is how we think about your data.

Chris in black and white

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