Season Greetings

A heartfelt thank you from Shannon and I as this year draws to a close. A tough year for many, an interesting year for most. We wish you the very best for the New Year and hope the flock leads you straight to the lush green shoots of 2023.

As the postal disruption really took hold we did have orders delayed, sorry to everyone affected. The last of the late orders will have already dropped through letter boxes – again thank you to everyone who had to wait longer than usual. It truth, anything ordered from Black Friday onwards was caught up in the post but we are starting to see something approaching ‘normal’ emerge.

May the rest and warmth of the season be abundant in your home, for December and beyond into the New Year, Shannon and I will be here dispatching orders and answering enquiries, just at a seasonal pace – there will only be one dispatch in the Christmas week, rather than the usual two.

Warmest wishes, Chris

3 thoughts on “Season Greetings”

  1. My beautiful sheepskin arrived today. It’s really lovely, so soft and dense, and special to think that it has come from a sheep which roamed on Dartmoor.
    Thank you so much for quick delivery and for packing it in brown paper and string and a cardboard box – not a hint of plastic.
    It’s been great to buy from a company with such a wonderful ethos.
    Alison Jory


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