Will my order be delayed by the strikes?

TLDR: Yes, we are expecting delays of about two days on some orders.

As unionised workers mount a fight for pay and conditions – a rightious struggle that I personally hope they will win – we know that many customers will be keen to know how long their order will take to arrive.

I can’t say what the future holds, but I can make an educated guess. After more that two years of near-constant disruption to ’normal life’ we can see that folks (including us) tend to wonder where their delivery has got to after 7 days. It seems to me that one week is a really good memory aid. You can remember that you ordered on payday, for example, and one week after that is easy maths.

It’s actually why we commit to at least two posting days per week. This means that in the vast majority of cases we know a customer will recieve their order within this magic one week period. We’re not Amazon, but we are professional and efficient.

During lockdown, and subsiquently after the initial supply chain problems caused by Brexit, we could see the magic week in full effect. We needed to stay in touch with customers during those delays (thank you Shannon).

The postal and rail strikes are planned in short bursts of (in)action, punctuated with work to rule – so we WILL encounter some delay. BUT NOT MUCH. What I expect to see over the summer period is slight delays on some orders.

Our observations during lockdown and Brexit are that ordinary posting methods are best, no particular benefit comes from special services, Signed For etc… Just use standard shipping.

How long will my order take?

I suggest you wait an extra two days before you worry (in fact, if you are worried email us and we’ll get you updataed on progress). Other that this, sit tight. We’ve seen this a hundred times already at least, and in most cases the order drops through the letter box the very next day.

And remember, if the strike inconveniences you it is demonstrating the usefulness, and importance, of those workers’s roles in our society. If we furnish the shareholders with plenty, we MUST afford the workers with enough. If we want a society where the infrastructure can cope, then we must invest. It didn’t ought to be the workers’ responsibility to have to remind the management and capital class of this basic principal. But here we are.

Do let me know when it arrives (probably in tomorrows post).


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