Sheepskins Paused for now. Everything else is unaffected. (Updated: 29.04.20)

We now frank our own deliveries of natural dyes and incenses, reducing to near zero the amount of human contact we have, helping to keep the postal workers safe. We ship fine-ground mimosa hostilis inner root bark and some rather fine frankincense (for space clearing). All orders ship free in biodegradable packaging to the UK.

Fill your basket and order with confidence.

We are here to help, please feel free to get in touch. Our mailing systems are now improved and we post several times each week. The Post Office has suspended Saturday deliveries, so take it easy and check Monday’s post before worrying. – open for business

Whilst sheepskin sales are on pause, our ranges of dyes, including mimosa hostilis and madder (rubia tinctorum) and incenses ship from stock.

If you can place it in your basket, we can ship it to your address.

Stay safe, and best wishes from Chris and Shannon at Dartmoor Sheepskins.

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