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Sheepskins Paused for now. Everything else is unaffected. (Updated: 05.04.20)

Sheepskins are worth waiting for, and that’s a good thing because production has been paused. That said, we’re still shipping our range of natural dyes and incenses from within the UK, including fine-ground mimosa hostilis inner root bark and some rather pungent frankincense, useful for space clearing. Our shipping pattern is currently twice per week.

Fill your basket and order with confidence.

All orders with Dartmoor Sheepskins are covered by PayPal Buyer Protection. Return Shipping is covered for most purchases too, in addition to your consumer rights. We are listening closely for delays being reported by Royal Mail or our customers. There are no complaints, thing are running smoothly. – open for business

Whilst sheepskin sales are on pause, our ranges of dyes, including mimosa hostilis and madder (rubia tinctorum) and incenses ship from our own home. Orders for these items are unaffected. Stocks have been marked at zero for items where biosecurity has made supply impossible, meaning you will not be able to add them to your basket at his time. The rule is: if you can place it in your basket, then we can ship it safely to your address.

Stay safe, and best wishes from Chris and Shannon at Dartmoor Sheepskins.

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