Behind the scenes at Dartmoor Sheepskins

Behind the scenes at Dartmoor Sheepskins

“People sometimes think we live in a huge house surrounded by sheepskins”

Wonderful natural products

All our products are sustainably sourced and natural. They are *exactly* as described – ground root bark will be ground root bark with nothing added or taken away, for example. When you and your children have worn your sheepskin down, and even the dog prefers something softer… at least it has the good grace to biodegrade, rather than sit in landfill for decades to come. I guess this goes some way to explaining why we do what we do.

“After a while we realised that our friends and family knowing our products were good wasn’t enough. We could tell people how good they were until we were blue in the face. People only really believe their own eyes, we have to show them.

British Sheepskin

While a Dartmoor sheepskin can always add a touch of luxury to any room, their practical durability make our fleeces suitable for year-round use.

Natural Dye

Roots and shoots plain and simple. Our powders are ground for days at a time, our flowers are picked at their peak. Nothing has been added or taken away.

Natural Incense

Fresh and vigorous fragrances to destress a modern home. Used for hardcore spiritual practice and beautiful for decluttering and mindfulness.

Gin Flowers

Make your own blue gin with these delightful Clitoria flowers, so named after their feminine shape. We love the colour they infuse in our favourite gin.

Palo Santo chips are excellent for smudging.

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