Unusual requests and pink soap.

Pink soap story – At Dartmoor sheepskins we love unusual requests, most of our queries are around shipping times or fabric types but this one was unusual. We had an enquiry from Nicole from Les savons de Nicole who wanted to use our dyes to colour her hand made soaps. We have never thought of using our dyes for things other than fabric, wool and the such like so we were very excited by the new challenge. 

Dye Types

We talked via email about various dyes and how they might work colouring soap without colouring people. We settled on madder which can be added straight to the lye water rather than infusing in oil first.

Voila! Pink Soap!

Nicole sent us some samples of the soap when it was made and they are beautiful! She said that she has only used a small amount of madder as this was her first try. She later sent a picture of some that she had made with more pigment and the results were equally beautiful.

Special thanks to Nicole for the beautiful soap and the interesting enquiry! If you would like to see more of her work you can check out her Facebook page here. If you would like to try our madder for any of your own projects you can get some of your very own here.

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