Size Matters, but quality matters more.


Meet Gerald. Gerald and I travel hundreds of miles together. He is, as you can see, quite small. But don’t be fooled, he has the heart of a lion, the strength of an ox and the ability to cling on that rivals Theresa May.

Unlike May, he is welcome to spin his sticky web all over my wing mirror till his heart sings. I’ll take him touring around Dartmoor, show him different styles of dry stone wall… visit a pub… who knows?

I first met Gerald on drive back home and was struck by how plucky the little fella was, popping his head out on the motorway. Often he emerges as I start the engine as if to say “where we going?”

One of the things I find since starting up Dartmoor Sheepskins, working with the dyes and selecting the finest incenses, is an increase in my attention to detail. I notice the little things in life more. Not that long ago a tiny, dare devil spider would probably not caught my attention but Gerald really did. For this reason I think he deserves a little post this site. This site that helps me appreciate the little things in life that so often used to pass me by.





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