Bee First Aid

Bee First Aid

Today was the first bee first aid of the year for us. The equinox is here and after not one but two punishing snow storms it looks like spring is finally here. As spring approaches we see the insects start to stir and go about their business. The sight of a bumble bee buzzing around the garden is, for me, one for the sure signs that spring has sprung. Bees are by their nature, well busy. They work constantly, sometimes to the point where they will deplete their own energy levels. So much so much that they don’t have the strength to fly home.

If you, as I did this morning, find a bee too exhausted to fly you can easily help it.

Energy drink for Bees

  • 2 Spoons of white sugar
  • 1 spoon of water
  •  A cup
  • A spoon

All you need to do is mix the sugar into the water in the cup so it dissolves, carry it out to you exhausted bee and offer them a small amount of the sugar water on the spoon.

It is a truly lovely thing to watch as the bee sups up the sugar, it is not often we can get so close to these beautiful and vital insects without some fear of being stung but in this case the bee will be too focused on its own survival to be worried by you. It will also be too interested in the food to think of much else.

A close look and you can see the bees tiny little tongue licking up the food and getting the energy they so badly need to get back to the nest.

After a little rest on the wall the bumble bee we fed this morning flew off high into the air. It is a wonderful thing to do and, if you have children, a fantastic opportunity to let them see these lovely creatures up close. It is also a chance to talk about the role they have in keeping this planet a healthy one.

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For more information about other ways you can help bees, as well as other animals, the RSPB website has several lovely ideas and lots of information.

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