Get Some Vitamin Sea – Torquay To Thatchers Point

Vitamin Sea

In a week where the UK is expecting subzero temperatures and heavy snow, I have to remind myself to get some vitamin sea. We wrap up warm and take a walk along the South West coast path from Torquay to Thatchers Point.

Torquay Harbour from the vantage point on the Rock Walk

Much of the path between Meadfoot Beach and Thatcher’s Point has a small stone wall. Beyond this is a shear drop to the sea below. There’s something about the way the waves boil and swell about the rocks that left us feeling very alive.

Jurassic Coast

Thatcher’s rock is a scene of  specific scientific interest (SSSI). This is because it contains almost totally uninterrupted plant and animal life from millions of years ago! It’s  called the Jurassic Coast for a reason. Further along the Jurasic coast we have found beautiful fossils. Everything form ammonites to plants. On occasion larger fossils of mammals can be found. The best time to find these is after a storm when the weather has washed away fresh rocks form the cliffs revealing earth that has been hidden for millions of years.

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