Tie Dye Tuesday!

Let’s not pretend this summer has been jam-packed with great weather, probably the best we can say is ‘the garden needs the rain’.

Marigold, mimosa and indigo dye can create a superb effect

“Ashley Starkes Tie Dye Dress and Delias Lips Tee” by Lucy Burrows is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s fun

As we lurch towards the beginning of the autumn term parents across the land seek out colourful ways to entertain youngsters indoors.

Tie dyeing is easy and creative, and can leave even a complete beginner with personalised garments in just a single, fun, afternoon session.

It’s economical

There is nothing to stop you filling up the whole washing line once you have made up a bowl of dye! Dig out all your old white, or light coloured fabrics.

It’s easy

Here’s our simple instructions for tie dyeing with any of our natural pigments; marigold and tesu, bio indigo, and mimosa produce superb results – with a little practice they can all be used together with amazing results.

Tie dye instructions for natural dyes:

1. Machine wash garments, use a little washing powder but no fabric softeners.

2. Tie garments using; string, elastic bands or tie sleeves together, or make knots in skirts or trouser legs.

3. Make up a bowl of dye and a separate bowl of fabric treatment.

4. Add your garments first to the dye…

5. Then rinse well under cold water…

6. Then add garments to fabric treatment…

7. Then rinse and hang to dry – you may be surprised that the colour is already pretty well fixed, but it will improve by drying naturally.

Water collects on hydrophobic leaf
I think I’m becoming hydrophobic too!

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