Out of respect for mice I will not use pesticide.

So, I find myself with a conflict but have decided I will not use pesticide. 

Plants you want will die if you so much as look at them wrong. Bindweed, on the other hand, can regenerate a whole new colony if you leave behind a single millimetre of it’s brittle root. Surely, this is when you get the pesticide out.
 I have a rubber bucket full, heavy, with its brittle root. I’m even tempted to try weedkiller for the first time in my life, but this little fellow stops me.
I was working in my garden, trying to remove the insidious bind wind, my son called me over. We have a tiny little wood mouse living in our garden.  The wildlife on and around Dartmoor is part of what makes living in such a beautiful place all the more magical. This little fellow has been hibernating under a forgotten wooden board in the garden all winter. He has come out looking for food after the long winter months.
He was so bold that he even took a sunflower seed from my hand. Going about things the natural way is often slower and can take more steps to reach where you want to go, but it is at times like this that I am reminded the the journey can often hold as much joy as the destination.
Our garden may take a little longer to clear from weeds and our dyes make take a little longer than a quick spin in the washing machine but over all, today, I have the joy of enjoying the slower path.

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