Be childish, whilst there is still time

Enjoy the simpler things in life.

Remember to enjoy the simpler things in life, a friend of mine was recently hospitalised. He recovered, but the gentleman in the bed opposite didn’t. Witnessing a guy dying has changed my friend somewhat, and as he returns to health his focus has changed too. Now he urges that we all enjoy family and friends while there is still time.
This Sunday we took a slow family day walking around a car boot sale and we spotted some old fashioned strips of caps. The ones we used to play with when we were kids. At home in the garden we took them out and struck them with a two pence coin on a slab.
More fun was had from that 50p spent on simple caps played with in the back garden than days that have cost far more.

Lots of love from your friends at Dartmoor Sheepskins – have fun, take it easy, hug your kids, spark some caps with a 2p coin.


Barney give instructions on how to spark caps with a coin


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