The Top 5 Ladies Sheepskin Slippers available in the UK right now

It’s halfway through the school holidays and my son has taken to calling me Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. As such it’s somewhat of a comfort to think the school holidays are nearly half over. I’m just a glass nearly half full kinda guy.

But it does make me reflect that he’ll be my little boy for a relatively short time, my daughter is off to university already. So we must treasure our family, even if they drive us up the wall sometimes.

It was in this spirit that I compiled these Top 5 Ladies Slippers, these are slippers you will want to give to the woman in your life – giving them will feel good, because wearing them is going to make her feel special. Every time she puts them on it’ll be like you are cuddling her feet.

Enough from me, to the footwear!

In 5th place

sheepskin moccasin

‘Charlotte’ by

First one the list is this classic, for me the quintessential sheepskin moccasin. Comfortable, practical, and lasts for years. Practical, that’s the word that stands out. Nice and practical, outdoor sole and all that. Yum, practical.

In 4th place

sheepskin ankle boot with laces

Finsbury’ by

I can start to get excited about slippers at this stage, this is a classic FMB, with good ankle support and the potential for fun in the snow. It’s a girl next door FMB, but it’s sill an FMB.

In 3rd place

pink slip on backless sheepskin slipper

Ladies Wooly Sheepskin Slippers by

Oh come on, tell me you can’t imagine putting your naked foot into this. Tell me.

Look me in the eye and tell me.

In second place

handmade sheepskin booties in harlequin pattern

Handmade Slippers by

You already know if your partner would like these handmade sheepskin booties, they come in loads of colours, and like our sheepskins, each one is created by hand.

Taking first place

red woollen slippers 'piped' with cream wooly lining

‘Babushka’ by

These are the ones. Look at that. Look at them! How awesome are these? How chuffed is she going to be with these! It’s almost like you’ll be a fisherman!

Well done you, she’ll love you for it!


We’ll be stocking a range of ladies sheepskin slippers, and slippers for men, all made in the UK. But for now why not consider our range of sheepskins, ideal presents, and of the utmost luxury!

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