Everyone knows sheepskins are sexy, but how do you deal with the aftermath?

Everyone knows sheepskin is sexy, but how do you deal with the aftermath?

Kids are hard work, no one would deny it. And before they even arrive you get told all sorts of things you should have prepared; the cot, the nursery, the specialist bum wiping aids. It just goes on.

If all goes well by your second kid you won’t be flapping about all the things you’ve yet to acquire, in fact, you probably have almost everything already because there is little in the way of specialist equipment you actually need. So naturally whilst I recommend sheepskin for babies, (they’re good for sleeping on, amongst other things) I don’t think you need to add it to anyone’s birth plan just yet.

Buy a sheepskin as a present for an expectant mother by all means, but hold back from trying to persuade anyone about the best thing for babies to sleep on, they are getting that advice from everyone else already. Better still, give them one of your old ones, tell them how you even used it as a changing mat with your little ones. Tell them that you like the way it helped your children stay cool in the summer, but any further than this and you might even put them off.

If, however, you are still in the (ahem) early stages of baby making and were fooled by the title of this post, you might want to check out this post on machine washing sheepskins. Feel free to join our mailing list, we always send newsletters with special discounts and exclusive offers.

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