Kings Tor Dartmoor | sheepskins at sunrise


Dartmoor Sheepskins – Our colours, your vision.

Our Dartmoor Sheepskins are locally sourced, tanned and hand picked. Our Natural Dyes (including Mimosa, Acacia, Gall Nut)  are of the utmost quality and are perfect for bespoke professional projects as well as colourful fun at home. We often expand our range, so be sure to check back if what you need isn’t here, or get hold of us via the contact page. As you may have noticed we now take BTC, allowing for simple transactions outside of the paypal environment.

The sheepskins pictured in our shop are the actual sheepskin available to purchase, tanned on Dartmoor the same way they have been for hundreds of years. Our dyes (including Mimosa, Acacia, Gall Nut) are all-natural, vivid and strong.

As a family we use all of our products and can fully recommend and advise on usage and care. We believe that if you are going to sell products online then you should standby your goods!

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